Analogue Pocket, The First Update Firmware Comes In: How Do I Update The Backconsole?

While Analogugue Pocket continues to steal, the manufacturers of the current portable backconsole re-visit social media to urge users to upgrade the system to version 1.0A.

When addressing the lucky owners of the pocket console, the team Analoge emphasizes the importance of this update firmware by snogging the numerous correctives made. System 1.0A software solves the occasional problems of audio distortion reported by users and, above all, intervenes to close the fault that caused sudden errors in the key pressure.

For the occasion, the American company explains how to correctly perform this and future update firmware of Analogue Pocket:

Use of a formatted microSD card in FAT32 or ExFAT is required

Once the memory card has been formatted, you must insert firmware files into the main root of the microSD. The card must not have any other files in it.

Turn off the Pocketalog completely

Insert the microSD card into the console slot

Turn on the Pocket. Upon startup, the console will automatically update firmware and display a bar on screen that will show the upgrade phase progress

The update process should take approximately 3-4 minutes. Do not turn off the Pocket during the process and do not click on any button, function button or lever of the console for the duration of the installation,

Upon completion of the update, Pocket will automatically restart to finalize the installation of the new firmware.

If you are one of the lucky buyers of Analogu Pocket, let us know with a comment what you think of the back console in daily use to run games Game Boy, Game Boy Advance on cartridge and, through special accessories, Atari Lyn

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