An Avalanche Of Registered Trademarks From Sega, Square Enix And Bandai Namco

We have already reported you the registration of the name Sonic Frontiers, now emerge additional trademarks registered not only by SEGA but also by Bandai Namco and Square Enix.

Sonic Frontiers should probably be the definitive name of what is now known as Sonic Rangers, the Japanese company has also registered the brands Shining Force and Hikari to Yami no Eiyuu (Heroes of Light and Da

Square Enix has registered the brands The Diofield Chronicle and The Beasts of Burden, the first only in Japan while the second in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. The Beasts of Burden may be the western name of Toraware no Mamono, translated into English as “The Captive Beasts.” The publisher then registered the Various Daylife brand in Europe, Australia, Canada and North America, it is a name linked to a game for Apple Arcade released in 2019… that is also coming on other mobile platforms or maybe on PC

Finally Bandai Namco protected trademark Origination in the United States and Taiko no Tatsujin Rhythm Festival and Taiko no Tatsujin The Drum Master in Japan, but currently there are no new games of the

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