Amouranth Vs. Twitch: It’s Not Fair To Hide The Ban’s Motives From The Streamers

Kaitlyn Siragusa (this is Amouranth’s real name) spoke in a recent interview with his ban from Twitch, accusing the platform of not behaving correctly with the streamers regarding the communications on the sentence in the

For contractual agreements and internal policies, Twitch does not reveal to the streamers the exact reason that led to their ban (temporary or definitive whether it is), creating not a few problems to creators, are not rare cases of generalized anxiety following a

Only recently Twitch started to provide some additional information such as the transmission that caused the ban and the start date of the measure, but the reasons as mentioned are never revealed, even in case of top streamers such as Amourant or Dr. Disre

Amouranth doesn’t seem right about this behaviour and the content creator hopes that Twitch will change this policy, ensuring greater transparency towards the streamers: “They don’t want to take responsibility for telling you where you’ve been wrong. They do not want to fully support their policies.” Kaitlyn was not the first person to complain about Twitch’s policies related to account suspensions and many streamers in the past revealed that they “spent a lot of time trying to understand the reasons of the ban” in many cases without success.

Did You Know? Amouranth released a rap video in which he openly takes it out on hater’s audience.

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