Amouranth Unveils Its Plans For The Future, Including Social Abandonment

The now popular Amouranth streamer, whose format on Twitch continues to be copied around the world, has let its followers know what its plans are for the future, including some information about when it intends to abandon permanently

Through a very long series of tweets published on his ‘personal’ Twitter profile, Amouranth stated that his online popularity is bound to end and that, as a result, he has already planned his next moves. The intentions of Kaitlyn Siragusa, the real name of the influencer and streamer, are to exploit success as long as possible and not to make big investments for the future, which will be made later to increase the gains over time It seems that the girl wants to create a very large organization, so as to generate money over time without any particular effort.

Still speaking of income, Amouranth has confirmed that he has earned so much in recent times that he can live on rent for the rest of his life. Despite everything, however, the streamer wants to continue to ride success as long as possible and, as soon as it is no longer followed as it is today, it will simply abandon all social media. I mean, it seems that the girl has very clear ideas and knows how to manage the large sums of money saved by Twitch, sponsorship and OnlyFans.

Have you already looked at Amouranth’s screaming receipts through social media?

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