Amouranth Unleashes Against The Haters In His New Rap Video

Let’s go back to Kaitlyn Siragusa, known to the public as Amouranth, who after buying one company producing inflatables for swimming pools has combined another. The famous streamer and influencer has in fact published a rap video on its official YouTube channel.

The film in question, lasting just under four minutes, is nothing more than a music video made by Amouranth in collaboration with other characters with the aim of sponsoring his OnlyFans account, repeatedly mentioned during the song Between rhymes and rhymes, the streamer also makes fun of all those users who insult and criticize her, highlighting how to do so continue to follow her. There are also numerous references to Amouranth’s record collections, which also quotes one of his crazy investments in the video, namely the purchase of a service station. At the moment the video is getting a fairly successful platform, on which it boasts about 150,000 views and probably will do many more in the next few days.

Before leaving you to the movie, we remind you that thanks to a series of statistics recently published, we know that Amouranth is the most followed woman streamer in Twitch in 2021.

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