Amouranth Is Already The Most Followed Of The New Twitch Category Dedicated To Animals

Twitch, from a streaming platform that is constantly evolving as it is, has recently added a new category dedicated to “Animals, aquariums and zoological parks.” Kaitlyn “Amourant” Siragusa, a streamer known for its controversial transmissions, has given a considerable boost to the notoriety of this new addition.

Amouranth, who has been retreated from yet another ban by Twitch, has already taken advantage of the new addition to broadcast live from a ranch while taking care of the horses, which has always counted among his greatest passions. These live shows, with over 8,000 viewers at the same time, have probably become the most followed in the category, overclassing all the other proposals in the section. The other channels are used to many less spectators: for example, at the time we write to you MarineMammalRescue is entertaining about 1,200 users with its live images from a pond inhabited by a sea otter.

The Siragusa is certainly not new to this type of content, since it has already transmitted several times from the ranch in recent months, usually in other IRL categories such as Just Chatting. It is possible that thanks to this novelty its “ranch streams” will become more frequent in the future. What is certain is that Amouranth is appreciated in any context by its most unbearable fans.

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