Amouranth Is A Model Of Playboy, Kaitlyn’s Social Ad

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa had promised a great announcement on her social profiles in exchange for 400 like and the reveal arrived punctually: Kaitlyn has confirmed that she is now officially a model of Playboy.

Twenty-eight-year-old is no longer just a Twitch Star but also an entrepreneur, Amouranth recently bought a 7-Eleven and invested a million dollars in VISA shares. On December 7, the streamer promised a great announcement, which came shortly after: “I am officially a model of Playboy now,” she writes as a caption of an old photo that sees her dressed as a bunny.

There are no other details and Playboy has not announced anything about it, there is to say that Amouranth follows (and is followed) the marketing director and subscription of Playboy on Twitter, sign that a communication between the two parties actually exists Amouranth will probably be the protagonist of a photo shoot in the famous magazine but at the moment as I said we know nothing else and we are waiting for official announcements.

In recent times Amouranth’s fame has overtaken Twitch and Kaitlyn is increasingly a 360 degree influencer and public jet set character with appearances on television, on American printed paper and generalist media.

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