Amouranth Has Made Another One: Now Owns A Pool Inflatable Company

A few weeks ago we talked about Amouranth’s crazy investments, the famous streamer and influencer who used the money earned on social media to buy a gas station and a convenience store. However, it seems that in the last few days the young woman has made another of her millionaire expenses.

After inviting his followers on Twitter to flood it with I like for the’reveal’ of the new investment, Amouranth announced with a twitter that he had bought with a big investment a company that deals with the production of inflate The tweet was followed by many posts in which the streamer not only explains in detail the reasons and the ways through which he made this investment, but has once again demonstrated his skills in managing earnings. According to the woman, the company usually earns $15 million a year and only recently has had a slight drop in revenues due to the spread of the Covid-19. It would also appear that it is a company that sells its products mainly on Amazon.

Waiting to find out what the next investment will be, we remind you that Amouranth is the most followed woman on Twitch in 2021, although it does not fit in top 10.

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