Amouranth Against His Detractors: Video Games Are Full Of Sexual Content

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, the most followed woman on Twitch, continuously generates a stir. Its controversial sexual content has turned it into the target for the favorite criticism of many video players, who mistolerate its presence on a streaming site mainly aimed at gaming.

Amouranth has made the habit of it and does not seem at all willing to modify the style of its contents. However, during a recent documentary filmed by VICE, he could not help but turn to his detractors by judging their ironic criticism, since video games would be full of content controversial and sexualized women. “It’s ironic that people have problems with women who welcome their sexuality when these same content are found in all the titles that play adults and teenagers on Twitch. There are women who are sexualized constantly,” Siragusa explained.

Amouranth then went into detail, naming some specific games: “There are games like Dead or Alive in which there are only women in bikinis who fight and show their butt. Then there’s GTA, full of strippers. It seems that real women cannot embrace their sexuality and profit from it, but men can create video game characters and sell them to the masses by being welcomed.”

You know Amouranth became a model of Playboy?

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