Amd Beyond Fsr: Radeon Super Resolution Universal Upscaling Coming?

Despite the growing spread of AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, Sunnyvale’s home would be about to launch a new and, if possible, even more important upscale feature, or at least this is what emerges from the latest videocar leaks

According to the rumors collected by the journalists of Videocardz, in fact, the Californian technological giant would be working on a new upscale function even more evolved than FidelityFX, called Radeon Super Resolution (or

The SRS system should work through Radeon drivers, overcoming one of the most straightforward issues of proprietary AMD upscale technologies, namely the direct implementation in the graphic pipeline. Working in conjunction with Radeon drivers, SRS technology therefore promises to work independently and “automatically” in any video game run on compatible hardware, without requiring the development of post-launch updates or special patches by the With Radeon Super Resolution, the problem of the qualitative discrepancy between the upscale of the game scenes and the resolution of the interface would also be resolved.

According to the editorial staff of Videocardz, AMD Radeon Super Resolution will be launched in January 2022 and will be supported by all AMD graphics cards of RDNA1 and RDNA2 architecture. More details on the operation of the SRS should be shared by AMD during the ESC 2022.

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