Amazon Prime Student: 90 Days Free Trial And 50% Discount For Subscription

For those who do not know it is possible to join a super promotion to use Amazon Prime if you are university students, the service will be free trial for 90 days (without any obligation to renew), then it will be possible to renew it at a special price.

After the free trial, it will be possible to renew the service at only 18,00 Euro per year (with 50% discount) until the degree, for a maximum of 4 years, instead of the full price of 36,00 Euro per year, the subscription to Amazon Prime can be disabled

Click here to activate the free trial service for 90 days

With Amazon Prime you can enjoy the following services:

unlimited deliveries in 1 day out of 2 million products and in 2-3 days out of many other million

streaming movies and TV series on

more than 2 million songs and 40 hours of music per month without advertising with Prime Music

hundreds of Kindle eBooks with Kindle Unlimited

get in-game content every month at no extra cost for the most popular video games on Twitch, full indie games, exclusive rewards and a monthly subscription at no extra cost to a Twitch channel

Advanced access to Amazon’s Flash

storage space for unlimited photos

If you have not yet used the service, this is the perfect promotion, also to take advantage of the fast delivery of the site.

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