Alice’s Cosplay In Madness Version And Cardboard Version In Anastasia Dualism

Everyone knows Alice and the wonderland, classic Disney with this innocent blonde girl who goes into the den of the rabbit, being enlivened by the madness of the world that is in front of her. There is also the Alice Madness Return version, a product that brings to the players a very different version of the girl.

In 2011, this American McGee Alice video game was released, freely inspired by Lewis Carroll’s story. The country of the colorful and rich of secrets wonders becomes a horror and dark country, with dangerous mysteries to unravel and kill. The two Alices are antithetical, surprising the video player for the opposite interaction between the two worlds.

The cosplayer Anastasia decided to work to propose a double cosplay of Alice proposing both the Madness and the fairytale version of Disney. On the one hand we have the sweet blonde protagonist and with her blue and white apron, full of wonder in the fairytale world; on the other we have a cosplay of Alice crazy and dark with a bloody knife The photos below well enclose this dualism well brought to life by the cosplayer.

According to American McGee there will be no more games on Alice, despite the talk of a development of Alice 3.

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