Alice: Is There A New Chapter In The American Mcgee Series Coming?

Four months ago, American McGee seemed to be very pessimistic about the future of Alice’s video game series, currently consisting of two chapters – American McGee’s Alice (2000) and Alice Madness Returns (2011).

At the beginning of August, the game designer pointed out that the public’s interest in the series was not high enough to justify any investments by Electronic Arts, which holds the rights. In four months, anything can change. In the night, American McGee himself returned to office with a tweet that evokes great news coming up for the franchise: “I just learned some very important and positive news. I can’t wait for the others to hear about it. Great things are happening! Londerland, we’re coming!”

A message so enthusiastic that it sends all fans of the Alice series to fibrillation. Londerland is a place on the border between imagination and reality resulting from the merger between London and Wonderland (London and Wonderland) that players have had the opportunity to visit for the first time in Alice Madness Returns Chapter 6. In addition, the tweet is accompanied by an artwork from the series.

That a new episode is about to be announced? What if a remastered version is coming? We are eagerly waiting for new information.

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