Alice 3 Is Going To Do It? Probably Not But American Mcgee Is Teasing Fans On Instagram

Alice of American McGee has been in a strange limbo for years, the creator of the series would be willing to work on a third chapter of the saga but Electronic Arts (who owns IP rights) does not seem to be of the same opinion.

Over the years American McGee has continued to spread Alice’s verb and has repeatedly reiterated that he has many ideas in mind for the relaunch of the brand, however to date little has been realized and also the project Alice Asylum has remained little more than

In the past hours McGee has posted a greeting message on Instagram remembering that he is engaged in the processing of the artbook Alice Asylum Design Bible and that he has “some news to announce at the beginning of 2022” and to remain connected to the

The mind runs straight to a new game by Alice and the hashtags used by the producer and game designer do nothing to deny this hypothesis (#alice3 #aliceasylum) however it is not possible not to expect great news about it, from

Last summer McGee said he hoped that Dead Space’s remake could help bring Alice back to life but it is only a personal thought that is not supported by real intents by the publisher, at least for the time being.

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