Alan Wake 2: We Review The First Prototype Of 2010

After the announcement of Alan Wake 2 at The Game Awards, Sam Lake revealed that Alan Wake 2 has always been in development and as we know the studio started work on the game back in 2010… let’s take advantage of the reveal to review

In 2015 Remedy was working on Quantum Break for Xbox One and PC, Polygon released a scoop: Alan Wake 2 exists but will not come out, at least referring to the situation of the time. The Finnish studio had not found a publisher for the sequel to Alan Wake, in 2010 the company had developed a prototype/concept of the game proposed to Microsoft and other publishers but unsuccessfully.

The demo concept has convinced Microsoft (a publisher of Alan Wake, initially released exclusively Xbox 360) to give a new chance to Sam Lake’s studio, preferring to invest on a new IP and in this framework is the birth of Quantum Break

After the launch of Quantum Break the roads of the two companies separate and Remedy approaches two other partners: 505 Games and Epic Games, with the first will launch Control while the second is currently working on Alan Wake 2,

The 2010 concept as mentioned did not, unfortunately, convince publishers to finance the project, many of the prototype ideas were then reused in the Alan Wake American Nightmare spin-off and others ended up in Quantum Break and Control. A certainly fascinating story that saw Alan Wake stay in limbo for almost a decade before returning with a remastered (here is our review of Alan Wake Remastered) and a sequel.

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