Alan Wake 2: Sam Lake Confirms Third Person View And Old Cast

With an eloquent message shared by his social profiles, Remedy’s Creative Director Sam Lake confirmed the return of the main members of the old cast and the adoption of the third person view for Alan Wake 2, the next, very expected

The famous Finnish author and writer has in fact considered it appropriate to clarify these important points of the project that is carrying out together with Remedy Entertainment with the recently announced Alan Wake 2 at the TGA 2021. According to Lake, in fact, the game will continue to structure itself as an adventure with shot in third person and will see the return of Ilkka Villi and Matthew Porretta in the shoes (and voice) of the protagonist of the saga

Sam Lake’s clarification comes a few days after the confirmation that Alan Wake 2 will be a survival horror, the first one that has ever been made by Remedy. For the Creative Director of the project, the new playful and narrative approach will allow the fans of the writer of Bright Falls to get even more into the atmospheres of the opera and the meanders of his tormented mind

As the World Premiere of the Game Awards emphasized, Alan Wake 2 will be available not before 2023 on PC (exclusively Epic Store), and only on nextgen consoles, in this case PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/

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