Alan Wake 2 Has Always Been In Development: Accessible Even For Those Who Did Not Play The First

The mysteries of Bright Falls are ready to come back to the public, thanks to the unexpected announcement of Alan Wake II, shared at The Game Awards 2021.

Following the revelation, Sam Lake himself wanted to spend a few words on the next adventure of the famous novelist. In particular, the author has revealed that he has never interrupted the work on the sequel. Since the first Alan Wake, Remedy had made clear his intention to follow up. For over ten years, Sam Lake has therefore been working on developing concepts for the game, supported by a small team on this mission.

The difficulties in getting the funds needed to create Alan Wake II did not discourage the Finnish software house, which is now excited to finally make its dream real. This ambitious new survival horror, Lake confirms, can also be played by those who have not had the chance to live the first Alan Wake. Of course, those who have already explored Bright Falls will be able to catch more behind-the-scenes, but this will not be an essential requirement to enjoy Alan Wake II. Similarly, even in the face of the officialization of the Remedy Universe, it will not be necessary to have played Control or other titles of the software house.

For users who still want to recover the parent of the series, we remember in any way that this year was published Alan Wake Remastered.

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