Alan Wake 2, From The Original Prototype To The Reveal: How Will The Gameplay Be?

Let’s discover the origins of Alan Wake 2, whose first prototype gameplay dates back to the distant 2010: how has the Remedy Entertainment thriller evolved and what will be its definitive form?

The 2010 demo/concept discovered by Polygon allowed us to rewind the tape of memories to show us the appearance of the sequel originally from Alan Wake, originally foreseen by Microsoft (as publisher of the first chapter) but set aside in

Starting from the analysis of the demo version of the never-born sequel for PC and Xbox One of the thrilling adventure of the writer of Bright Falls, we can thus observe the TGA 2021 reveal of Alan Wake 2 with a view

The exponent of the Finnish software house revealed that Alan Wake 2 will be a survival horror, the first one that has ever been conceived by Remedy, and that he will adopt a third person view to get us into the role of the writer torment Of particular interest, for fans of the long course of the series, is the confirmation of the return of Ilkka Villi and Matthew Porretta as interpreter and voice player of Alan Wake.

For further information on the topic, please note that on the pages of you can read our latest special signed by Giuseppe Carrabba on the origins of Alan Wake 2 and the vision of Sam Lake.

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