Age Of Empires 4, Unveiled The Roadmap: Content Created By Users Arrive In Spring

Almost a month after the triumphant launch on PC, Age of Empires 4 receives the raodmap of content intended to be published in the coming months, thus enriching the gaming experience of the strategy in real time.

After publishing the first update dedicated to performance improvement, Relic is working to distribute during the winter season a more full-bodied update that will add over 100 balancing changes, in-game player scores, additional performance corrections, changes to the dina user interface

After this update, developers ensure that balancing changes will make crossbows, spears and elite crossbows a much more lethal threat to cavalry units, while the repeater crossbow technology

In the spring 2022 update, user-generated content and tools will be added to the game, allowing players to try unique maps and modes created by the Age of Empires 4 community. The seasons will also start, with each season lasting 12 weeks with the possibility to earn exclusive game rewards based on performance in competitive modes.

Relic continues to pay attention to community feedback, especially on issues such as the difficulty of Artificial Intelligence, improved hotkeys, Waypoint indicators and more.

For further details on Microsoft’s exclusive, please refer to our review of Age of Empires 4.

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