Aftermath: Discovering The Italian Psychological Thriller For Pc, Playstation And Xbox

The Italian development team of One-O-One Games and Alessandro Bavari, author of the concept art of the films Alien Covenant and Suspiria, officially present the project of Aftermath, a psychological thriller with vocation n

The post-apocalyptic world narrated in Aftermath will focus on the events experienced by Charlie Gray, a former astronaut who escaped the crash of his ship but was forced to deal with a crude reality:

The plot laid down by the boys of One-O-One Games will therefore rely on the constant search for the resources necessary for the survival of our alter-ego, intended both as consumable objects and, above all, as emotional and mental energies to be spent to overcome the

The declared intention of the local team is therefore to use the videogaming language of thrilling adventures and survival horrors to deepen the philosophical and psychological issues that we could face in the face of impossible situations, such as

Aftermath’s playground will be supported by an original soundtrack composed of songs by artists like UNKLE and Planet Funk. On the gameplay front, the new work of One-O-One Games draws on Charlie’s engineering knowledge and scientific approach to offer an original approach to creating objects: it will be up to the user to observe and take note of everything surrounding the pro

At the bottom and top of the news you will find the video presentation and the first images of Aftermath: take a look at it and let us know what you think of this title coming out in 2022 on PC, PS4, Xbox One,P

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