After God Of War, Players Ask Bloodborne On Pc But Have To Settle For A Mod

More and more exclusive PlayStations are coming on PC, the latest in time is God of War, one of the most successful games on Steam in recent weeks, welcomed by audience and critics.

Just the release of God of War gave away a sort of collective request from the audience to convince Sony to bring Bloodborne on PC. In Steam reviews, many praise the excellent work done for God of War and wonder if you can see even a porting of the game from Software with the same quality as Kratos adventure.

For some time now, we have been talking about the return of Bloodborne with an updated reissue for PS5 and PC, but to date, everything is silent and Sony Interactive Entertainment has never announced anything about it, while as we know Miyazaki and FromSoftware

Meanwhile to appease the hunger of Bloodborne there are those who are working on a mod of Dark Souls III with elements taken from the game, for the moment the modification is not yet public and seems to require much more work, the author enjoys the full support of

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