Activision, The Us Also Makes Itself Heard: 6 States Want Radical Internal Changes

The Activision Blizzard story becomes ever wider: six states of the USA, specifically California, Oregon, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada and Delaware are pushing the company to act to change radically

Although Bobby Kotick’s resignation from Activision CEO is increasingly likely, the intervention of the six-state treasurers, who have invested money that is not better specified on the company’s actions, adds more gasoline on the fire on the matter. “We believe there is a need for urgent changes within the company,” says Michael Frerichs, treasurer of Illinois, who asked by the portal Axios spoke of the disputes that have been involving Activision Blizzard and the

“We are concerned,” Frerichs continues, “that the current CEO and the board of directors have neither the skills nor the determination to implement the great changes not only to transform their internal culture, but also to restore confidence with the Frerichs also confirms that Illinois has invested money on Activision, without revealing how much. Deborah Goldberg, Treasurer of Massachusetts, also said: “We were waiting for the board to step up and investigate, but I mean real investigations with an outside investigator.”

Treasurers want a meeting with Activision summits by 20 December 2021, to assess actions and potential financial risks due to the current scandal. Meanwhile, a working conditions committee was set up in Activision, with the aim of monitoring the implementation of a new working culture and preventing cases of discrimination and harassment from happening again.

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