Activision: No Zero Tolerance To Kotick? ‘No Evidence Against Him’

Still very turbulent situation in the House Activision Blizzard after the latest report of the Wall Street Journal. Over 100 protesters have protested against Activision CEO Bobby Kotick in recent days, following the harassment charges that have involved him.

Such a delicate situation that even Jim Ryan of PlayStation is shocked by what is happening in Activision. However, it seems that the company’s zero tolerance policy towards those accused of unfair behaviour may not apply to the CEO. According to Game Developer (formerly Gamasutra), during a meeting, the company’s employees would ask the management whether serious measures would be taken against Kotick. The company’s leadership, however, would have revealed that “there is no evidence” of the allegations against the CEO, explaining that these facts date back over a decade ago.

For the time being, therefore, it seems that no action will be taken against Bobby Kotick, thus creating further malmorousness among employees. the ABK Worker Alliance, composed of Activision employees who invoke significant changes within the company

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