Activision Games On Ps5? Sony Expects Microsoft To Comply With Contractual Obligations

Will Activision games become exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem? There are still no certainties and the situation is so undefined that Sony is being pushed to publish a comment on the matter through the pages of the Wall Street Journal.

A Sony spokesman said he expected “that Microsoft will comply with contractual obligations and continue to ensure a multiplatform release for Activision video games,” in the first case the reference seems to be to the marketing agreements between PlayStation and Call of Duty, with the Last year Call of Duty was the most popular PlayStation video game in the United States thanks to Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard, but the future of the series is still to be written especially now that the IP has passed into the hands of

After the acquisition of Bethesda, Microsoft has stated that it wants to maintain the contracts in progress and that’s why Deathloop has been released exclusively PS5 console, the same will happen for GhostWire Tokyo of Tango Gameworks. Microsoft said that Activision games will continue to go out on PS4 and PS5 even if there will be exclusives for the Xbox ecosystem and as many publishers as possible will come on Xbox Game Pass, with reference to both catalog games and

Phil Spencer does not want to harm the communities of Activision games, so we will see how the situation evolves. According to many analysts, the new Call of Duty games will be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem while Call of Duty Warzone will remain multiplatform, but no confirmation has come from the directly interested parties at the moment.

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