Activision Blizzard, Workers Against Managers: The Strike Goes On To The End

Despite the establishment of a Committee on Internal Working Conditions in Activision, the situation within the gaming giant does not seem to have improved.

To confirm this, it is the group of workers of Activison Blizzard who gathered under the collective ABK (A Better Workplace). Organized in the union, the latter have decided to proclaim an all-out strike, with the aim to further turn the spotlight on the story and favor a change at the top of the Company. The union group also made this decision following the dismissals decided by Activision for the Raven Software team.

To support the continuation of the strike in excess, the collective of ABK has invited professionals in the videogaming industry to take a stand and, where possible, follow their example. To support workers engaged in trade union agitation and professionals of Raven Software who have lost their jobs, ABK has also launched a fundraising campaign on Go Fund Me. In a few days, the latter has already been able to count on over 300,000 dollars of donations, given by about 900 people.

Despite the growing rumors about Bobby Kotick’s possible resignation, the latter is currently still part of Activision Blizzard’s board of directors, which includes Reveta Bowers, Robert Corti, Hendrik Hartong III, Brian

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