Activision Blizzard Enters Xbox: Bobby Kotick Will Leave? Ceo Clarification

In the notes accompanying Microsoft’s historic marriage to Activision for $70 billion, representatives of the two entertainment giants not only illustrate the terms of the agreement but also explain the relationship between Bobby Kotick and Phil Spencer.

Activision Blizzard spokesperson explained to that “Bobby will continue to lead Activision as CEO, as he has done in the last 30 years.” Also from the columns of, a representative of Redmond’s house explained that “Bobby Kotick and Phil Spencer will work together to ensure the transition to this exciting new enterprise. Activision Blizzard’s executives will be in charge of Phil after the agreement is concluded.”

The statements of Activision and Microsoft, therefore, disprove the voices of corridor that are circulating on the net in these hours on the possible farewell of Bobby Kotick from Activision and, with it, the abandonment of every task currently carried out

Kotick himself reiterates the concept in the open letter published on the pages of Activision’s official website to announce the marriage to Microsoft: “I will continue to be the CEO with the same passion and enthusiasm I had when I started this fantastic trip in 1991. Until we have received all the regulatory approvals necessary for the closure of this agreement, which we expect should take place during the fiscal year 2023, we will continue to operate completely autonomously.”

As for the future, the notes issued by the two companies specify that Phil Spencer, as Microsoft Gaming’s CEO, will be the head of the entire family of videogaming subsidiaries of Redmond’s home, and therefore also of Activision Blizza From here to the next few months we will also find out what Microsoft and Activision’s strategies on exclusive Xboxes for the upcoming video games developed by Kotick’s company.

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