Activision Blizzard: Employee Reactions After Microsoft’s Acquisition

Microsoft’s mega acquisition of Activision Blizzard obviously made not only the audience of the video gamers talk a lot, but also the employees of the company, for the occasion Jason Schreier collected some testimonies about the sensations that emerged after

Bloomberg journalist (former Kotaku) says he has heard some of his contacts within Activision Blizzard, in general the employees seem to be happy and certainly optimistic about a change in the high level, hoping that this will lead to a change

Activision and Microsoft seem to have very precise plans, at the end of the transaction (which could end not before June 2023) all the operations of the company will be under Phil Spencer (President of the new Microsoft Gaming group) while Bobby Kotick

Just the treatment given to Kotick seems to have turned on the souls within the company, according to a report by Bloomberg, Bobby will continue as told to lead Activision in the role of CEO until the acquisition is completed, only at that point

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