Activision And The Harassment Case: Lost Partnership With The Non-Profit Group Girls Who Code

Activision-Blizzard continues to experience a particularly difficult historical moment, especially after CEO Bobby Kotick has been accused of having been aware of a poor working environment within the company.

With the rain of the accusations of harassment and discrimination against female personnel of the US giant, the non-profit Girls Who Code group, which is involved in reducing the gap between men and women within the technology industry, has decided to renounce the partnership that

“Our priority is and will always be to defend women and other under-represented groups in the world of technology and to ensure them the support and stability they need to grow actively in while pursuing a career in computer science,” are the statements of Girls Who Code. “The news about Activision shows that our priorities are fundamentally disinlined. We cannot in good conscience continue to work with such an antithetical company to our values. […] There is a border, and the charges received by Activision have crossed this line.”

Many Activision employees are signing a petition for Bobby Kotick’s resignation (currently 13,000 signatures have been exceeded). The top players in the video game industry, including Phil Spencer from Xbox and Jim Ryan from Sony, have also been disconcerted and seriously concerned about what he has learned.

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