Activision And Microsoft: Annually Uncertain Exit For Cod, There Is Fear For Layoffs

Just minutes from Phil Spencer’s confirmation that Call of Duty will remain multiplatform, here comes a long article by Jason Schreier full of background on Microsoft’s incredible move, which acquired Activision for $70 billion.

According to the reporter on Bloomberg, a number of employees of the company that is about to enter the increasingly large family of Xbox have spread anonymous information not only about Microsoft’s next moves, but also about the fears and hopes of the developers themselves. The article is in fact about a certain terror for possible dismissals: many fear that Phil Spencer will abandon the development teams after the acquisition. On the other hand, there is great optimism for the future, since Spencer himself has always expressed the desire to create a healthy environment that is free of toxicity both for video gamers and developers and there is therefore positivity about the post-

Among the many topics touched on in the article we can also find Call of Duty, a series that may no longer reach the shelves every year. It would seem that Microsoft could slow down the release of the various episodes of the series not only to contribute to its rebirth following the poor results of COD Vanguard, but also to allow teams that usually deal with the support of the game to develop different products (though the

Obviously, all this information, by the same admission as Schreier, comes from anonymous sources and it is not possible at the moment to verify the authenticity.

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