Activision Acquired By Ea? The Alternative To Microsoft Suggested By Kotick

The videogaming tsunami triggered by the prospects generated by Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard took a surprise to the entire industry during the day of Tuesday, January 18.

A few hours away from the official announcement by the Redmond giant, interesting background emerges on the big financial transaction. In an interview with the international editorial staff of Venture Beat, Activision Blizzard’s CEO suggested in particular that a further company could be interested in acquiring COD’s publisher.

In reflecting on the motivations that led Activision Blizzard to enter the – increasingly wide – family of Xbox Game Studios, Bobby Kotick highlighted how the gaming market has profoundly changed over the last few years. “[…] we have been I think that even if we had entered into an agreement with EA, – he then continued – this would not have offered us what we will need in the near future.”

The CEO’s reflection, evidently, calls into question the growing number of important actors who have decided to enter the gaming world, from Amazon to Google. The explicit reference to Electronic Arts, however, has not failed to arouse the attention of the public. The hypothesis at this point is that FIFA’s publisher had also put his eyes on a possible agreement with Activision Blizzard. Unfortunately, Kotick did not offer further clarification on this issue, so the picture remains difficult to decipher. It is also worth noting that the value on the EA market is significantly lower than Microsoft’s spending on the acquisition of Activision.

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