Abandoned Is Still Alive: Prologue Confirmed For Early 2022

For some time now we haven’t heard about Abandoned, the controversial PS5 title of Blue Box Game Studios subject in the past few months of a rather confusing and hasty revel. For these reasons, too, there were unqualified death threats to the authors of Abandoned, with the team forced to address the authorities.

Difficult situation apart, despite the recent silence it seems that Blue Box has continued to work on its mysterious project, preparing to launch the Prologue of the game next year. Something may have moved in this regard: in fact, when you scroll through the news card on the PS5 home, you can find a small update on Abandoned that confirms the arrival of the introductory chapter by the first quarter of 2022.

“We are happy to announce that the Prologue chapter will be debuted during Q1 2022. A more specific date will be announced shortly,” is read in the short message spread by the developers. This chapter should be a sort of demo of the future full game and, as reported also on the official website of Blue Box (under the heading “What is the Playable Prologue” in the section Faq), it is a standalone title that will also have its specific set

Previously Blue Box admitted that Abandoned was announced too soon. After so many delays and justifications, that the project is finally going to become concrete?

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