Abandoned Hides A Mysterious Project? Not According To Lance Mcdonald

The well-known content creator Lance McDonald, who recently relaunched the spoiler alert for Elden Ring, decided to publicly comment on the wait for Abandoned’s revel.

Directly from his Twitter account, the artist from FromSoftware has retraced in particular the latest evolutions of the “case” Blue Box Studios. In a tight sequence of chirpings, Lance McDonald took a clear position, and came to rule out that behind the name of the software house founded by Hasan Kahraman, a bizarre marketing campaign to hide a mixed project could be hidden.

A conclusion that goes in a different direction than the first theories elaborated by the videogaming community, which had traced several points of conjunction between Blue Box Studios and Kojima Productions, even assuming that behind Abandoned could actually hide the

To justify his position, Lance McDonald mainly mentions the confusing direction that characterized the communications of Blue Box Studios. Among the latter, the content creator quotes for example the initial announcement of Abandoned as exclusive PS5, followed by a Tweet that referred to a “PC version” of the game. Predictably, McDonald also quotes the confusing launch of the PS5 app, which should have unveiled a brand-new survival horror trailer. Among the no longer specified bugs and press silences, the Application has instead limited itself to presenting a video teaser of about 10 seconds.

Recently, Blue Box Studios has ensured that Abandoned’s Tech Demo will be here soon. What do you think of this mystery game, you agree with Lance McDonald?

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