Aavegotchi: The Stress Test Of The Metaverse Was A Success

If you are interested in NFT-based metaverses and follow us regularly, then you probably already discovered Aavegotchi, a collectible game inspired by the Tamagotchi that offers a unique combination of decentralized finance (DeFi) and

Aavegotchi allows you to collect pixelated fantasies in the form of NFT. These beings “live” in the Ethereum blockchain and have a value calculated on the basis of several factors, including basic traits, worn cosmetic objects and the Spirit Force, an “interest-generating token” that grows To increase the rarity level of an Aavegotchi and its overall value it is therefore necessary to invest money and time.

Like most blockchain video games, Aavegotchi, although very promising, is still a very poor project that needs a lot of work to be refined. Developers know that, so just before Christmas they conducted a stress test to test the stability of the metaverse. Well, the test proved to be a success: more than 700 players from all over the world joined the stress test, yet no major incident occurred. The success, properly celebrated on Aavegotchi’s social networks and Discord server, gives us hope for the success of the long-term project.

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