Aavegotchi: Discovering The Pixel-Based Metaverse Inspired By Tamagotchi

The newborn, but fervent world of NFT-based video games and blockchains also sees Aavegotchi, a title developed by Pixelcraft Studio, a Singapore based company.

Aavegotchi is a collectible game in pixel art inspired by Tamagotchi that allows its users to collect pixelated ghosts in the form of NFT. The metaverse under consideration is described as a unique combination of decentralised (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) finance.

The Aavegotchi “live” in the Ethereum blockchain, leaning on the ERC-721, the same as projects such as CryptoKitties, Axie Infinity and Cryptovoxels. Their value is determined by their rarity level, calculated on the basis of multiple factors: the basic traits, the cosmetic objects they wear and the Spirit Force, also referred to as “interest-generating token” or “aToken.” In other words, the Aavegotchi acquire “interest” over time, or better value in the form of aToken, which can be divided into two categories, cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, within the framework of the Aave Protocol.

Players can raise their avatars by participating in a range of activities, such as mini-games and meetings with other users. Rare quality Aavegotchi have a higher value and are more skill in farming, a mini-game that rewards withGHST tokens. If you are curious about the project, you can learn more about it by directing you to the official website of Aavegotchi and following developers on YouTube, Twitter and Discord.

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