A Tae Takemi Cosplay From Person 5 Is Royal To Say The Least

Persona 5 is one of the most beloved games of recent generations. The chapter of the series spin-off Persona, born as the rib of Megami Tensei, captures the videoplayer for hours and hours, between main plot, secondary, interactions with characters and much more. Hundreds of hours of play available where you can do anything and more.

There are 15 million copies sold per Person in all its iterations, and that means a large amount of characters treated. In the 5th and its Royal version, there are still some who stand out on the others. Excluding the main characters, always on the ridge of the wave between battles and not, there is also some character with which you can interact and who managed to capture fans thanks to the charisma and magnetic charm.

Dr. Tae Takemi is one of them. In a secondary alley, you can entertain yourself for a few hours of play with her, given her support for the video player. Her presence has made her a character at the center of many cosplays, as seen with the Tae Takemi of the Italian Shiro Kitsune. To the cosplayer nostrana is added the interpretation of Puutincos that with several photos uploaded to your Instagram account shows a cosplay of Dr. Tae Takemi of Person 5 both with the white coat and without.

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