A Plague Tale Requiem: 4 High Resolution Shots From Hugo Island Of Salvation

Although they showed a brand new trailer just a few days ago, Focus Home Entertainment and Asobo Studio choose not to leave their fans with their mouths dry for too long.

This afternoon, through their social channels, they shared four new high resolution screenshots taken from A Plague Tale Requiem, the new adventure of Amicia and Hugo coming in next year. The shots allow us to appreciate the variety of the settings of the adventure, showing us a town teeming with life and merchants, a beach whipped by waves, a river with an outpost on fire and a garrisoned fortress You find them at the bottom of this news, enjoy!

In Plague Tale Requiem will continue the heartbreaking journey of Amicia and Hugo into a brutal world altered by supernatural forces. After fleeing their homeland, the two brothers head south to new regions and lively cities. Once again forced to flee, they will be forced to put their hopes on an island that could enclose the key to save Hugo. The game is still without a precise release date, but we know it will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X”S, PC and Nintendo Switch, in the latter case via cloud. Microsoft players can play it from day-one with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. If you haven’t done it yet, enjoy the gameplay trailer of A Plague Tale Requiem shown at the Game Awards and our preview of A Plague Tale Requiem.

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