A Perfect Mona Megistus Cosplay: The Pictures Of The Character Of Genshin Impact

There are many characters in Genshin Impact, especially female characters, who often enchant video players. The Chinese studio miHoYo, despite preparing to produce an open world shooter video game, continues to work on the magical continent of Teyvat and on all those who live there.

The content coming up is many, including the special Genshin Impact x Twitch event for the Adventurers Guild, yet the initial characters of Genshin Impact have certainly not been set aside. Many of these are still part of the video gamers’ teams, while those who fail to join many groups still have space on the net, with dedicated fans art and cosplay.

Mona Megistus is one of the characters of Genshin Impact who manages to break in one way or another. The small and nice magical astrologer has shown several times his abilities, but it is mainly through cosplay that enthusiasts show how much they love this figure. So Zekia, in art also known as Aru Rinh, has prepared a perfect Mona Megistus cosplay. The physicist corresponds to the character, as well as the dress, not simple yet well made, leaving breathless his followers on Instagram and gleaning different likes.

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