A Memoir Blue: Release Date For Interactive Poem, Day One In Xbox Game Pass

The media bustle generated by blockbuster presented at the 2021 Game Awards was likely to overshadow the announcement of the launch date of A Memoir Blue, promising interactive poem developed by Cloisters on behalf of Anna

With a new and evocative trailer, A Memoir Blue was announced to be launched on February 10, 2022 on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X.S., Nintendo Switch and PC The trailer also confirms the debut of the game in the Game Pass catalog, which will take place immediately on day one.

In Memoir Blue, he is described by his creators as an interactive poem that probes the turbulent childhood and the complicated relationship with the mother of a swimming champion named Miriam. The magical-realist journey to discover the athlete’s memories is shown on screen by a combination of hand-drawn elements and 3D models, which contribute to creating evocative settings and a lively progression by puzzles You can get a very precise idea of A Memoir Blue’s visual style by looking at the trailer in the news opening and the images collected in the gallery at the bottom. You can also add it to the Steam Wishlist.

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