A Caitlyn Cosplay By League Of Legends, The Champion Also Appeared In Arcane

The characters of the League of Legends have been well known for years. Among amateur games, professional tournaments and much more, the Champions are now well rooted in the collective video game, with some names that stand out more than others. The Arcane series revolutionized this vision, bringing new characters to the fore.

Always drawing inspiration from the characters created by Riot Games over the last decade, the Netflix series has given a solid basis to some figures in this universe. Jinx and Vi gained a strong role, but they were certainly not the only ones to appear in the League of Legends series.

Caitlyn, the Piltover Sheriff, also made his appearance. The League of Legends champion specializing in distance battle, thanks to her bond with Vi, has received a prominent role in the series, which has aroused various attentions on her. These attentions could not fail to pour into the cosplay industry, with the Russian Xenon presenting on its page a beautiful and armed Caitlyn cosplay of rifle with a floral creation behind.

In this version she is ready to defend the streets of Piltover, along with the cosplay of her colleague Vi.

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